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The Why?

Rapid Transformational Therapy® is a natural, authentic, effective, and safe hypnotherapy method. During the session, in a relaxed state (alpha state which is similar to deep meditation, mindfulness) you will tap directly into the “root of the problem”. Once you understand the problem with my help you are going to fix it for good. This method has been successful used for over 30 years and it is backed up by the newest research and science such as quantum science and epigenetics.

The How?

During the session, in a relaxed meditative state, you are going to communicate with your subconscious mind accessing important information, finding the reason, the root of your problems. This technique allows you to reconnect with your own truth, dive deeper into your beliefs and past commands which are part of the issue. This therapy delivers confidential, safe space in your home environment. The personalized recording is going to support your transformation for the next 21 days and beyond.

Online Session

From the comfort of your own home environment, feeling safe, fully relaxed, you are going to enjoy this wonderful session with Maggie. At home, you relax faster and easier and that’s why online sessions work really well for nervous and anxious clients. All you need to have is a good internet connection, a quiet, comfortable place (sofa or bed), and a laptop or tablet. More information on your free consultation.


This session is compact, effective, and it’s going to free you up from the chains of the past and emotional pain.  You are going to reconnect with your true self, become confident, tap into your own power and become in control of your life again! For deeper issues may be necessary another 2 sessions in order to deliver desired results. For more information gets in touch!

Session + Coaching

This package includes one hypnotherapy session and 3 coaching sessions after 21 days. Maybe you are building a new business, transitioning careers, going through a difficult divorce, or healing after a life-threatening disease. This combined program will give you comprehensive support.


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I support the following issues:

01. Confidence

Criticism, judgement, setbacks, failures affect our confidence levels and self-esteem. As a result, we make wrong choices, we the life we “don’t want” life and we block ourselves from achieving greater and bigger success. By tapping into the power of your mind, you will be able to regain confidence, spark and control over your life! During the session, you will let go of the past and focus your full attention on the things you want and desire. Your confidence is going to expand every day.

02. Stress & Burnout

Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, negative thinking, and lack of purpose are at the root of d chronic stress and burnout. Based on research, fear affects our neurochemistry within our brain and body. Worry and stress destroy our well-being and block us from being happy and fulfilled. During and after the first session, you are going to feel relaxed, positive, awake, balanced, aligned with your body and mind.

03. Weight Management

Maybe you have been on countless diets, you’ve been a member of many gyms, you had therapy before, but somehow you can’t figure this out. This topic is killing you inside, taking control over your mind and life. You can’t lose weight to your dream level and keep it this way good. I hear you. I went myself through the “food obsession”. Because I know how it feels, I am going to give you excellent support. This session will provide you with missing links, important information, the root, the cause of your issue. Once identified, you are going to fix it easily for good. There is no second-guessing, no yo-yo dieting ever again. After the session, you are going to lose unwanted pounds, take control of your health, body, and mind, becoming free and happy! If you want to finally get rid of this burden, get in touch today!

04. Excel at your exams

Are you struggling to remember big volumes of materials?  Do you want to pass your exams with ease? Maggie has 3 international degrees, she speaks 4 foreign languages, and she knows very well how to pass exams with ease. She will teach you how to pass exams in a foreign language, or remember and recall large volumes of materials. You will be surprised at how easy it is. This session will change everything in your life. You will learn professional techniques on how to use your brain well and effectively, for that reason you will love passing exams instead of dreading it.

05. Good Habits

“Motivation will help you get started, and a good habit will make it happen”. If you are setting yourself a new goal and very often giving up too early, it means that your strategy is lacking the necessary steps. Via Hypnotherapy, Maggie will teach you how you can successfully create a new habit that sticks and being able to create success in your life. Are you ready?

Common Questions

What is RTT?

RTT it is uniquely designed healing therapy using the power of hypnosis. Hypnosis is calming down your nervous system. It is a natural and relaxed state of mind that we go ”in and out” many times during every day,  without realising it. It is like drifting away when we think about something, submerging ourselves with thoughts yet at the same time forgetting about our surroundings.

Who controls the session?

During the session, the client is aware of all words and actions, and the client will remember the whole session. Maggie only facilitates transformation, but the client is in control of her mind and body.

Why hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy works because it accesses stored, valid information within your memory bank called ” the subconscious mind “. The subconscious mind is very powerful; it is the habitual mind. It is tough to change the programming in your subconscious mind by using your conscious mind (logical brain). During the session, Maggie finds the root cause of the presenting problem and offers a solution to that problem. By the relaxed state of your body, you can let go of harmful emotions, trauma, drama and emotional pain starting fresh after the session. It is very powerful and effective.

Are the results guaranteed?

The results depend exclusively on each client. Based on the research Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to connect with your subconscious mind, and the recording is a valuable resource helping you remember important information. Maggie facilitates the change; the client prepares for the session and must be committed following the guidance. In general one to three sessions deliver a positive shift. Most of Maggies client’s testimonials state that hypnotherapy is effective, powerful, safe, and they always feel incredible after the session. The program requires you to complete activities after each session.

Why do I need an audio recording?

The audio recording is a valuable resource necessary to ensure that the positive change will happen because our brains learn by repetition. The science and neuro research has proven that each time you repeat certain activities, the neurons in your brain fire up and wire together – basically the more you do it, the stronger they become. Rewiring the neurons by certain numbers creates a habit. It is common sense, the more you run, the more you enjoy it, the better you feel, the better results you get. Our brain works exactly in the same way; therefore, you need to listen to the audio recording once or twice a day for at least 21 days.

Why application is necessary?

Maggie and the client need to get to know each other before the session to ensure right repport. The client is willing and ready, commited for the change.  Client commitment is the reflection of the client results. The higher the commitment,the better the results.


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