Best Leadership Advice: Business Success Secrets From 7 Top Leaders

1. Leadership is about making things happen If you want to make something happen with your life, in school, in your profession or in your community, do it. Perceived obstacles crumble against persistent desire. John Baldoni, Author, Leadership Communication Consultant and Founder of Baldoni Consulting LLC, shared this advice that had come from his father, […]

Become an Information Filter and Knowledge Sponge

On your daily journey to achieve your WHY, you will travel through many different avenues and sometimes you will ask yourself, “Why do I need to meet this person or experience this situation?”  The key is to truly understand that you must become an information filter and use your personal God-given filters – your eyes and […]


We often procrastinate because that thing we need to do is not important right now, or we are afraid of failing at the task that we need to complete. We do that by not starting at the right time, not starting at all or not finishing a task.  Notice an important point, we never procrastinate […]