We often procrastinate because that thing we need to do is not important right now, or we are afraid of failing at the task that we need to complete. We do that by not starting at the right time, not starting at all or not finishing a task. 

Notice an important point, we never procrastinate on things which matter to us the most! If something is really important to us we will make it done. If something is a “high priority” to us, we will get it done. 

So, if you are valuing in your life free time, relaxation, watching Netflix, you will spend a lot of time planning and executing your plans to make it happen. If you love to exercise, giving you pleasure and satisfaction, drive, challenge, then you will do “everything you can” during the day, week, month to make it happen. We only procrastinate on “low propriety things” and things which we understand what we get in return.

There are few things about procrastination you should know about: 

We procrastinate on “low priority” activities. If you are working on a new project, maybe you got a promotion and you manage a group of people, if these things are “not your highest priority”, even though in reality these things should be done, at the end of the day it won’t be done well, or it won’t be done at all, because “you simply think, believe that this is not high priority task”. 

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